Ensom envisages 7 key component protocols that will underlie the framework:

  1. Telecare analogue protocols, backward compatibility for main market protocols.
  2. Telecare digital protocols
  3. Vital life sign remote monitoring. New protocol standard for the capture, transmission and governance of remote monitoring vital life signs data.
  4. IoT Med. New protocol standard for the capture, transmission and handling of data from IoT devices and Wearables.
  5. Data Integration.
  6. Governance.
  7. Digital Service Integration.

Within the Ensom framework and these seven key component protocols there will be four “accessibility” layers.

  1. Public layer. Key messages for each component that will be communicated for widespread understanding of the concepts that relate to each component. This will be the public dissemination face of Ensom and will be able to be communicated at a reading age of 12.
  2. Requirements layer. Communication layer for key Stakeholders. Comprehensive solution utility based focus with in depth systems explanation. There will be avoidance of technical terminology however the deeper concepts will be explained in detail.
  3. Specifications layer. Academic level and heavily research based layer with peer reviewed validation of each specifications statement. Will contain in depth explanation of methodology for coming to specified solutions.
  4. Implementations layer. Technical level documentation detailing implementation of Ensom concepts to a level that will allow data architects and developers to implement solutions within their own organisations. Will contain code repositories including APIs and data handling examples.

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